15-year-old hurt during drive-by shooting in Marion

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MARION, Ind. (WISH) — A 15-year-old lad was changeable successful the limb successful a drive-by shooting Wednesday night, Marion constabulary said Thursday afternoon.

The boy, who was not named successful a quality merchandise from Marion Police Department, did not endure life-threatening injuries.

A patrolling officer, Joe Biddle, recovered the lad changeable astir 10:05 p.m. Wednesday astatine the intersection of 30th and South Washington streets. That’s connected the southbound broadside of the metropolis of 27,600 radical successful Grant County.

A witnesser told constabulary that a reddish sport-utility conveyance pulled up to the broadside of the lad successful a Chevrolet Camaro and idiosyncratic started shooting, hitting the lad successful the little near limb and leaving that slug successful the halfway console. Then, the SUV near the area. The witnesser helped the lad until exigency unit arrived.

During an investigation, officers recovered 8 ammunition casings successful the roadworthy from 33rd and Branson streets to 33rd and Meridian streets. Also, Tiffany Mims, of Marion, reported she was successful the country of 30th and Washington streets erstwhile her 2011 Honda was changeable done the driver-side window, but nary 1 was hurt.

Anyone with accusation tin telephone the chief’s bureau astatine 765-668-4412 oregon the nonemergency fig for constabulary astatine 765-662-9981. People tin besides telephone Crime Stoppers of Grant County astatine 765-662-8477.

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