2 dead, 1 hurt in shooting near Illinois courthouse

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KANKAKEE, Ill. (AP) — Two radical were killed and different was injured Thursday greeting successful a shooting adjacent the courthouse successful the tiny bluish Illinois metropolis of Kankakee, the politician said.

Mayor Christopher Curtis told The Associated Press successful a substance connection that suspects successful the shooting person been taken into custody. Curtis did not supply immoderate different details astir the victims oregon the suspects. His assistant, David Guzman, said the country has been secured and that determination is nary longer immoderate information to the public.

Kankakee County Sheriff Mike Downey said that the shooting happened astatine astir 9:45 a.m. adjacent the courthouse and the region jail. Downey provided nary different details.

Kankakee is simply a assemblage of astir 26,000 radical located astir 60 miles southbound of Chicago.

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