2 weak tornadoes damaged roof, trees, cemetery in Shelby County

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SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Two anemic tornadoes Thursday nighttime successful Shelby County caused harm but injured nary one, the National Weather Service said Friday.

The archetypal tornado had highest winds of 90 mph, a maximum width of fractional a shot field, and traveled 2.5 miles.

The archetypal tornado touched down astatine 7:58 p.m. Thursday and damaged a building’s extortion successful the southeast portion of Shelbyville earlier receding. That funnel unreality touched down again astir 2 miles westbound of Waldron successful a tiny lodging subdivision disconnected Shelby County Road 250 East and knocked down a masonry wall. The tornado continued southeast and caused histrion harm astatine a location connected County Road 350 South. The upwind work said the astir extended histrion harm happened astatine 2 homes on County Road 375 East adjacent County Road South; 1 of those homes besides had an antenna rod snapped.

The archetypal tornado lasted astir 6 minutes. The upwind work besides said successful its nationalist report, “The harm way was not ever wide astatine each times, but it appears that the tornado was either connected the crushed oregon conscionable disconnected the crushed done the duration.”

The 2nd tornado besides had highest winds of 90 mph and a maximum width of fractional a shot field, but traveled little than a quarter-mile.

The 2nd tornado touched down astir 10 minutes aft the first, astatine 8:14 p.m., adjacent a stream cabin. Lasting astir a minute, the twister caused a narrow, aggravated swath of histrion harm on County Road 500 East, crossed the Flat Rock River, and deed the Van Pelt Cemetery, knocking implicit respective gravestones and causing histrion damage. “The tornado whitethorn person concisely lifted earlier touching down again successful a tract to the south,” the upwind work said.

Both twisters were ranked arsenic anemic EF-1 tornadoes connected the Enhanced Fujita scale.

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