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More than 2,100 coronavirus cases now in Indiana

Governor Holcomb announced Tuesday that 49 Hoosiers have died from COVID-19 with deaths expected to increase. Indiana now reports 2,159 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Governor Holcomb also thanked Mayor Winnecke and the city of Evansville for their work in setting up the COVID-19 crisis response fund, which has now raised 2.2 million dollars for local counties. The goal of the fund is 6 million dollars and will help multiple Indianapolis News counties including Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, and Gibson counties. The money is expected to go directly to frontline workers and healthcare facilities.

Additionally, the state has reported that over 11,000 volunteers not including medical or nursing students have offered to help with COVID-19 concerns across Indiana.

People all around the world are showing a little extra gratitude for medical personnel these days. However, due to COVID-19 and visitor restrictions, they’ve had to get creative.

“I saw a post from my friend who lives in Owensboro where they went on Sunday evening and it just kind of inspired me. We have three hospitals working the same type of shifts and so I felt like we needed to show our healthcare workers the same type of love,” said Stacey Hyslop, event organizer.

To show that type of love, Hyslop took to Facebook to tell Press Release Distribution Services In Indianapolis everyone the plan. Pull into Deaconess Gateway at 6 p.m., put on your hazard lights and show your support.

Dozens of people of all ages joined Hyslop. Some brought signs and waved to the windows.

“We’d just like to thank them for what they’re doing. Not just the nurses and doctors but the people that are working in the environmental areas of the hospital, cleaning the hospital; they’re all just appreciated,” said Hyslop.

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