3 girls hospitalized after truck rolls off I-65 bridge

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Three girls were hospitalized aft a motortruck rolled disconnected a span successful Indianapolis Tuesday morning.

Indiana State Police troopers, on with different archetypal responders, were called to the country of northbound I-65 adjacent Raymond Street conscionable aft 7:30 a.m. connected Tuesday.

When they arrived to the country they recovered 2 teenage girls had been ejected from a Dodge pickup motortruck aft the motortruck rolled disconnected a bridge. A 3rd miss was recovered trapped wrong the Dodge. All 3 victims were taken to country hospitals.

Authorities judge Kya Lasley, 17, of Trafalgar, was driving a achromatic Dodge pickup northbound connected I-65 adjacent Raymond Street erstwhile the motortruck was progressive successful a sideswipe collision with a reddish GMC pickup motortruck that was besides traveling northbound.

Investigators accidental the collision happened erstwhile Lasley was changing lanes.

The Dodge struck a guardrail connected the close broadside of the road earlier hitting a factual obstruction and overturning and falling connected the metropolis thoroughfare below.

Lasley and her beforehand spot passenger, Megan Murray, 17, of Trafalgar, were ejected from the motortruck and earnestly injured. A 3rd girl, 10-year-old Keilyn Stauffer, was trapped successful the Dodge. She was extricated and transported to a adjacent hospital. Her information was not provided.

The operator of the GMC, Nelson Concepcion Jr., 56, of Indianapolis, was not injured.

The close 2 lanes of I-65 astatine Raymond Street were closed for astir six hours. They person since reopened.

Police bash not judge intoxicant oregon drugs played a relation successful the crash. The probe is ongoing.

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