5th annual Love Thy Neighborhood Awards

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LISC Indianapolis started the Love Thy Neighborhood Awards successful 2017 to observe the radical and organizations that are transforming their neighborhoods — the assemblage crippled changers that are making a difference.

LOVE successful the Awards rubric is really an acronym that stands for the 4 categories of awards. Each class victor is awarded $2,500 successful unrestricted funds to assistance further their mission.

  • L is for Livability, which includes entree to art, nature, and recreation. The 2021 Livability finalists are Fonseca Theatre, The Ross Foundation, and Women successful Motion.
  • O is for Opportunity, which creates prime jobs and builds quality capital. The 2021 Opportunity finalists are S.H.E. Event, Cleo’s Bodega, and Accelerate Latinx.
  • V is for Vitality, which provides affordable and prime lodging options. The 2021 Vitality finalists are One Home astatine a Time, Back connected My Feet – Indianapolis, and Aspire House.
  • E is for Education, which encompasses K-12 acquisition and workforce development. The 2021 Education finalists are PR Mallory Redevelopment: Purdue Polytechnic High School and Paramount School for Excellence Jr. High, VOICES Corp, and Latinas Welding Group.

In summation to the 4 categories, determination volition beryllium a People’s Choice Award, and the winning enactment volition triumph $5,000!

For much accusation astir Love Thy Neighborhood Awards and LISC Indianapolis, click here.

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