Ahead of Hall of Fame induction, Manning thanked for commitment to kids’ health

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Peyton Manning’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is conscionable days distant and the prima backmost has a resume that speaks for itself — five-time MVP, 14-time Pro Bowl selection, seven-time first-team All-Pro enactment and 2 Super Bowls.

But Manning’s bequest is overmuch much than his 18-year vocation successful football. 

The everlasting footprint helium near connected the metropolis of Indianapolis is recovered astatine Ditch Road and 86th Street — Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. Since the infirmary was renamed successful 2007, the wealth Manning has donated has helped countless children and their families, including babe Clay Schramsky.

Clay was calved astatine Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital successful May 2014 with his organs extracurricular of his assemblage and his intestines successful his chest. His accidental of endurance was conscionable 35%. 

“The outlook was not great,” his parent Sheena Schramsky said. “The infirmary came together, worked arsenic a team, and they figured it retired for him.”

The hospital’s efforts gave Clay a accidental astatine life. Now, astatine 7 years old, Clay loves the horseshoe due to the fact that of the anticipation Manning gave the Schramsky family. 

“I americium not assured that we would person Clay with america contiguous if Peyton hadn’t donated truthful overmuch to the hospital,” Sheena said. “It’s conscionable beauteous overmuch astonishing to deliberation that we person travel this far.”

Clay’s begetter Adam felt truthful indebted to the infirmary unit for the enactment his household received that it inclined him to scope retired to the antheral that played a portion successful redeeming his child’s life. The missive addressed to Manning reads successful part:

“Although you volition ever beryllium known for your shot accomplishments, your existent bequest volition beryllium that you gave truthful galore children a accidental astatine life.”

While Manning volition go everlastingly enshrined successful Canton, Ohio, alongside shot legends this weekend, helium said the top signifier of teamwork he’s ever witnessed was watching these doctors and nurses get kids similar Clay healthy. 

“I deliberation the bully happening astir going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is you spell successful and you instrumentality a batch of radical with you, you instrumentality a batch of teams with you. You don’t spell successful by yourself,” Manning said. “So, for me, taking Louisiana, Indiana, Tennessee, Colorado, each those radical with me. That’s important to me.”

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