Amazing Katie Porter Has A Portable White Board To Destroy Mining Polluters From Her Minivan

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Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) participated successful a legislature proceeding from her minivan wherever she adjacent brought a portable whiteboard.

Video of Rep. Porter questioning mining manufacture execs astir contamination from her minivan:

The mining manufacture operates nether a 149 twelvemonth aged instrumentality that lets companies skirt accountability and cheat taxpayers erstwhile they pollute connected nationalist lands. Earlier this week, I called BS connected an manufacture advisor who claimed her firm buddies aren't getting a sweetheart woody ⬇️

— Rep. Katie Porter (@RepKatiePorter) July 30, 2021

Porter is participating successful the proceeding successful her minivan, wherever she perfectly grills a mining lobbyist astir the sweetheart woody they get nether a 150-year-old instrumentality that allows them not to wage royalties, and they person nary biology regulations are not taxable to civilian penalties.

It doesn’t substance if Rep. Porter is taking portion successful a proceeding from the moon. She volition person done her probe and volition person her trusty whiteboard adjacent to thrust the constituent home.

Congress has rather a fewer dedicated nationalist servants, but Porter’s mentation and dedication are special. Major props besides for getting specified a large video provender successful her car. Anyone who has to grounds video from their conveyance knows that this tin beryllium a precise iffy proposition.

Even from her minivan, Rep. Porter inactive called BS connected a mining manufacture lobbyist and defended the radical against entitled peculiar interests.

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