Another hot and humid day!

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – It was a record-tying time Tuesday with highs topping retired astatine 94°!

We’re successful store for different blistery and humid 1 Wednesday with highs adjacent hotter than Tuesday! Most spots volition apical retired successful the mid-90s with feel-like temperatures successful the little 100s. There could beryllium an isolated ablution oregon tempest accidental but astir areas volition beryllium adust for astir of the day.

Lows Wednesday nighttime volition chill to the mid-70s.

It’ll inactive beryllium a blistery and humid time Thursday with highs erstwhile again reaching the 90s with a scattered ablution oregon tempest chance. The 90s volition inactive beryllium astir done the extremity of the week with rainfall chances done the afternoon.

It’ll inactive beryllium a blistery and humid play with highs successful the little 90s Saturday, with rainfall chances done the afternoon. Temperatures volition statesman to chill a small Sunday with highs successful the precocious 80s with scattered rainfall chances. Huge improvements done adjacent week with highs continuing to chill to the precocious 80s, with rainfall chances done Tuesday. Highs should chill to the little 80s Wednesday.

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