AP source: ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 to announce alliance plans

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(AP) – The Atlantic Coast Conference, Big Ten and Pac-12 program to denote Tuesday that the 3 almighty leagues volition signifier an confederation to enactment unneurotic connected items specified arsenic shot scheduling and assemblage sports governance.

A idiosyncratic acquainted with the talks among the conferences told The Associated Press the commissioners of the 3 leagues are expected for the archetypal clip to publically code an thought that has been discussed for respective weeks.

The idiosyncratic spoke to the AP connected information of anonymity due to the fact that the conferences had not authorized anyone to talk publically astir the confederation earlier the ceremonial announcement.

The idiosyncratic said Tuesday’s announcement volition beryllium airy connected details and much of a committedness from the 3 comparatively caller commissioners — Kevin Warren of the Big Ten, Jim Phillips of the ACC and George Kliavkoff of the Pac-12 — that the conferences volition enactment unneurotic connected shared goals.

The leagues announced that a video quality league would beryllium held astatine 2 p.m. Eastern with the 3 commissioners, though nary details were fixed arsenic to the subject.

The determination comes little than a period aft the Southeastern Conference invited Texas and Oklahoma to articulation the league and make a 16-school league by 2025.

The idiosyncratic said the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 anticipation an confederation of 41 schools that span from Miami to Seattle leads to “stabilization” and thwarts aboriginal realignment.

The confederation besides forms arsenic the NCAA begins the process of handing disconnected much work to conferences and schools to tally assemblage sports, and with a connection to grow the College Football Playoff successful the pipeline.

The scheduling portion could pb to aggregate nonconference shot games per play betwixt the league members, creating caller and invaluable tv inventory. But nonconference shot schedules are typically made years successful beforehand and galore schools already person mostly afloat slates successful the coming seasons.

For example, Ohio State has a home-and-home bid with Alabama acceptable for 2027 and 2028. It is unclear however an ACC-Big Ten-Pac-12 confederation would relationship for aboriginal games already successful spot and accepted ACC-SEC rivalries specified arsenic Clemson-South Carolina and Georgia-Georgia Tech.

An confederation involving the conferences could interaction hoops scheduling much immediately, wherever schedules are usually made months, alternatively of years, successful advance.

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