As schools return, COVID-19 cases in children increase across the country

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — COVID-19 cases successful children are expanding arsenic galore instrumentality to schoolhouse without a vaccine option. 

The Indiana State Health Department reports 49 caller pupil cases of coronavirus.

Across the country, astir 72,000 children got it betwixt July 22 and July 29, that’s an 84% summation from 39,000 cases the week before.

“It’s wide that this variant is susceptible of causing superior wounded successful children,” Dr. Francis Collins, manager of the National Institutes of Health, said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is responding to the numbers. The relation is perpetually looking astatine information from states and said the disposable information bespeak that COVID-19 associated hospitalization and decease is uncommon successful children, arsenic is terrible illness.

The study goes onto accidental determination is nevertheless an urgent request to cod much information connected the longer-term impacts of the pandemic connected children, including ways the microorganism whitethorn harm the semipermanent carnal wellness of infected children, arsenic good arsenic its affectional and intelligence wellness effects.

Only children 12 and older person a vaccine disposable to them, but the anticipation is simply a afloat FDA-approved vaccine whitethorn accelerate the support process for vaccines for kids nether 12. 

“When you person an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for the vaccine that past goes to afloat approval, that mightiness person an power connected what goes on. We’re collecting the information close present for what we request to marque that determination,”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director, NIAID and Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden, said.

Since the commencement of the pandemic, astir 4.2 cardinal children person tested affirmative for COVID-19. That’s little than 15% of the full cases. The surge successful kid cases seen past week makes up 19% of full play cases.

Experts accidental that shows the fast-spreading Delta variant has enactment children, particularly astatine risk.

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