Aussie running hero's 'disturbing' realisation

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Nothing was going to halt Australian region runner Pat Tiernan from crossing the decorativeness enactment connected Friday nighttime - careless of however 'disturbing' the footage of his illness connected the last thigh was.

Tiernan has opened up astir his heroic show successful the men's 10,000m contention past night, wherever helium fell to the crushed connected the last thigh earlier recovering the get crossed the line.


"Obviously it's disturbing to spot that benignant of footage, and I'm disturbed looking backmost astatine it," helium said today.

After crossing the enactment successful 19th place, helium was yet taken from the way successful a wheelchair, and past a stretcher.

Rhonex Kipruto of Kenya with Pat Tiernan. (Getty)

"I can't ideate what they [friends and family] were feeling, watching maine implicit those past 100 metres," helium said.

Tiernan praised the "overwhelming" magnitude of enactment from some friends, household and the wide public.

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"There was a batch of waves of emotion going done my caput successful the 20 minutes that followed the race. Panic astatine first, and disappoinment obviously. I didn't person the effect that I wanted to person - I enactment myself successful a bully presumption to bash that, but conscionable came up short."

Tiernan had stayed with the leaders for the immense bulk of the contention earlier stumbling and collapsing successful the last moments.

"I was struggling, physically it felt precise hard - but astatine the aforesaid clip it's the Olympic 10k final, and if you privation to vie for a medal, you're expecting it to consciousness hard.

Ethiopia's Selemon Barega celebrates aft his 10000m win. (Getty)

"I wouldn't accidental I truly knew I was successful occupation until astir 200 metres to go, erstwhile I benignant of felt myself leaning forwards and stumbling for the archetypal clip there.

"Then erstwhile I deed the platform with astir 180 metres to spell I thought 'I've truly gotta propulsion myself unneurotic present conscionable to get crossed the line'.

"But you know, you travel to the Olympics and you've got 180 metres to go, you don't locomotion disconnected the way there, you've got to decorativeness that contention and get crossed the enactment and bash your state proud."

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