Aussie shatters 53-year Olympic drought

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Peter Bol has shattered a long-standing drought successful Tokyo to go the archetypal Australian antheral successful 53 years to spot himself into the 800 metre last astatine an Olympic Games.

Bol topped his semi-final successful a objective run, mounting a caller Australian and Oceania grounds with a clip of 1.44.11 to warrant his spot successful Wednesday night's decider.

It was a stunning show from the 27-year-old who swept astir the last crook to sail himself into the pb down the location stretch, easing up metres from the enactment successful celebration.

"I enactment myself successful the champion presumption to qualify," Bol said aft the race.

Peter Bol stormed into 800 metre last successful Tokyo. (Getty)

"Even if I didn't, I would person been blessed with it."

The Sudanese-born Aussie finished up of American Clayton Murphy who was the 2nd automatic qualifier successful the 2nd semi-final.

Bol volition beryllium the archetypal Australian successful 53 years to contention an 800 metre Olympic last since Ralph Doubell won golden astatine the 1968 Olympics.

"Job's done contiguous but inactive a batch to go," Bol said.

Peter Bol stormed into 800 metre last successful Tokyo. (Getty)

"We can't underestimate immoderate of these runners. Any day, idiosyncratic tin travel out."

Fellow Australians Charlie Hunter and Jeffrey Riseley did not beforehand from the semi-finals.

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