Biden asks states to offer $100 incentives to the unvaccinated

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WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden is asking states and localities to connection unvaccinated residents $100 to get their COVID-19 shots.

The currency reward for vaccination was 1 thought successful Biden’s latest program to boost lagging vaccination rates successful galore parts of the nation. Rolled retired Thursday, the halfway of his caller program is simply a request for national workers to disclose their vaccination presumption to their agencies.

Biden is pointing to anecdotal grounds that a $100 reward volition get results. The White House says the Kroger market store concatenation tried it and saw vaccination rates leap to 75% from 50% among employees. New Mexico, Ohio and Colorado person besides experimented with the idea.

Biden says states and localities tin usage wealth from his COVID alleviation instrumentality to wage for the inducement programs.


“We are presently reviewing the caller guidance issued by the White House earlier today. The politician volition beryllium announcing plans for the City’s archetypal large allocation of American Rescue Plan dollars astatine the August 9 gathering of the City-County Council alongside the instauration of the 2022 budget.”

Email to News 8 from Indianapolis mayor’s office

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