Black Man Who Says He Was Threatened With Noose Now Faces Charges Himself

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“There’s thing much American than charging a Black antheral successful his ain attempted lynching,” Vauhxx Booker of Indiana said of the charges against him, which helium sees arsenic retaliation from the peculiar prosecutor.

Vauhxx Booker, a assemblage  organizer successful  Indiana, was charged with felony battle  implicit    a twelvemonth  aft  helium  was attacked by 2  achromatic  men.
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Aug. 4, 2021, 3:48 p.m. ET

Last summer, a video of a achromatic antheral pinning a Black antheral to a histrion adjacent a water successful Indiana connected July 4 — arsenic bystanders impulse the achromatic antheral and his friends to fto the antheral spell — generated nationalist outrage.

The antheral pinned to the tree, a assemblage activistic named Vauhxx Booker, said that helium had heard the men usage radical slurs and endanger to “get a noose.” Later that month, aft an extended probe of the confrontation by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, a authoritative charged 2 of the achromatic men with felony battery, transgression confinement and intimidation. Their cases person yet to spell to trial.

Now, a peculiar authoritative has charged Mr. Booker with felony battle and misdemeanor trespassing for his relation successful the confrontation. At a quality league connected Monday, Mr. Booker and respective representatives from the Monroe County section of the N.A.A.C.P. said that the authoritative was retaliating against him for refusing to hold to mediation with Sean Purdy and Jerry Cox II, the 2 men arrested successful the attack.

“There’s thing much American than charging a Black antheral successful his ain attempted lynching,” Mr. Booker said connected Monday. He added that the onshore helium was supposedly “trespassing” connected was nationalist property.

Mr. Booker and representatives from the section N.A.A.C.P. section are calling for the peculiar prosecutor, Sonia Leerkamp, to resign.

Guy Loftman, seat of the branch’s Legal Redress Committee, said that Mr. Booker was the unfortunate of a “vicious hatred crime” that Fourth of July — a time Mr. Booker was readying to walk watching a lunar eclipse with friends astatine Lake Monroe, astir 60 miles southbound of Indianapolis.


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“Since then, the transgression justness strategy itself has joined successful the onslaught connected him,” Mr. Loftman said astatine the Monday quality conference. “He faces up to 3 and a fractional years successful situation and $15,000 successful fines for being subjected to a racist assault. This miscarried justness cannot beryllium tolerated.”

Ms. Leerkamp, who is the peculiar authoritative successful the abstracted felony cases against Mr. Booker, Mr. Purdy and Mr. Cox — declined to remark connected wherefore she had charged Mr. Booker much than a twelvemonth aft the confrontation.

“Mr. Booker is presumed guiltless of immoderate charges that person been filed,” she wrote successful an email. “That being said, dissimilar Mr. Booker, I americium ethically restrained from commenting upon the grounds anterior to its presumption astatine trial. I americium doing my champion to use the instrumentality to the facts and travel the rule that we are a federation of laws, not men.”

Court documents requesting an “impartial” peculiar authoritative that were filed past twelvemonth by David R. Hennessy, a lawyer representing Mr. Purdy, formed Mr. Hennessy’s lawsuit arsenic a “victim of battery” and Mr. Booker arsenic the perpetrator.

“Mr. Booker has agitated others with the anticipation of being a unfortunate and is seeking fame and luck astatine the disbursal of radical helium victimized,” Mr. Hennessy wrote.

In an email connected Wednesday, Mr. Hennessy declined to remark connected the caller charges against Mr. Booker, but implied that Mr. Booker should person been arrested alternatively of simply issued a summons.

At a news conference astir a week aft the confrontation, Mr. Hennessy said that what happened successful the moments that preceded the incendiary video differed considerably from Mr. Booker’s account. He said that the struggle began erstwhile Mr. Booker and his friends trespassed connected backstage property. His clients were bully to Mr. Booker and adjacent gave him a beer, helium said. Later, Mr. Booker returned and falsely identified himself arsenic a region commissioner, threatened to good the radical and intimidated Mr. Purdy’s woman by pointing a digit successful her face. Mr. Purdy was “afraid for her,” starring him to restrain Mr. Booker, who helium said besides deed him 3 times, Mr. Hennessy said.


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No 1 denies that Mr. Purdy was wearing a cowboy chapeau with a Confederate awesome that day, but his lawyer insists that immoderate of the astir shocking parts of Mr. Booker’s relationship were invented.

“No speech of a noose,” Mr. Hennessy said. “No speech of a rope. No speech of a lynching. No ‘white power.’ You don’t person each the video. Mr. Booker said helium survived this adjacent lynching, yet helium stays to videotape radical arsenic helium race-baits them.”

At the quality conference, Mr. Booker, the representatives from the section N.A.A.C.P. section and his lawyer each reiterated that the different broadside had been making the aforesaid bogus claims since past July astir what happened. They are not alert of thing caller the peculiar authoritative has uncovered. The lone factual development, they said, is that Ms. Leerkamp has been pressuring Mr. Booker to prosecute successful a mediated solution with the 2 men facing felony charges successful the attack.

As The Washington Post reported connected Tuesday, Mr. Booker has said that helium is not funny successful mediation due to the fact that helium would person to motion a confidentiality statement and publically forgive the men, whose charges would beryllium dropped.

Mr. Booker’s lawyer, Katharine Liell, who says she has been practicing transgression defence successful Indiana for 30 years, called the improvement “unprecedented.”

“I person ne'er seen a peculiar authoritative unfastened a caller lawsuit and record it against idiosyncratic a twelvemonth later,” she said.

The study by the Department of Natural Resources highlights discrepancies successful some what assorted parties said occurred and successful their views of what is racist. Mr. Cox, for example, denied that his oregon immoderate of his friends’ actions against Mr. Booker were “racially motivated.” But helium admitted to utilizing a vile operation mocking Black people’s hair, which the N.A.A.C.P. referred to arsenic a “racist taunt” successful a statement past week.

In the report, the men accused of attacking Mr. Booker and their friends contradict saying oregon proceeding thing astir a noose. In contrast, Mr. Booker and different witnesses recalled proceeding a antheral saying, “go get a noose” respective times. It was the noose remarks, 1 witnesser said, that signaled to them that they should commencement signaling video.

Some of the quality besides focuses connected whether Mr. Booker was defending himself connected nationalist spot oregon trespassing connected backstage spot owned by the McCord family, friends of his attackers. According to the report, the boundaries successful that country are confusing. Land owned by the Hoosier National Forest, the McCord household and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers interaction successful immoderate parts without wide delineation. But aft a review, a conservation serviceman with the Department of Natural Resources concluded that the histrion Mr. Booker was pinned to grows connected onshore owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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