Brandon Sanderson, Author Of Mistborn And Stormlight Archive Series, Says He’s Working On A Video Game

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Brandon Sanderson, the famed writer behind fantasy bid Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive series, has revealed he’s moving connected a video game. 

This quality comes by mode of a caller blog post helium made titled “State of the Sanderson 2021,” which, similar erstwhile “State of” posts made by the author, details what helium has going connected successful his career. He mentions diagnostic films, TV series, and more, but helium besides rapidly divulges that he’s been moving connected a crippled for a portion and we mightiness beryllium seeing it soon. 

“I’ve been moving connected a video crippled for respective years, and I fishy it volition beryllium announced this year,” Sanderson writes. “So commence speculation.” 

Sanderson’s station includes a enactment that says the crippled is not based connected 1 of his properties and is alternatively thing caller helium built with the squad he’s moving with connected this project. He besides said that radical volition admit the institution processing the crippled but playfully suggests it's “probably not the 1 you’re reasoning of close now,” nor is it “that different 1 either.” 

And that’s each Sanderson had to accidental astir this game. Sanderson entering the video crippled country would beryllium rather a dainty for fans of the author, whose lone different acquisition successful games is minimal. He wrote a novella e-book successful 2011 for Epic Games Infinity Blade bid called “Infinity Blade: Awakening.” (Editor's note: helium has besides worked connected immoderate fabrication for Magic: The Gathering. – JC) However, arsenic the writer notes that this crippled won’t beryllium based connected 1 of his ain series, those holding retired for a Mistborn RPG volition person to proceed their wait. 

Perhaps this improvement volition spell truthful good that Sanderson decides to greenlight a Mistborn crippled of immoderate kind. While not a afloat game, you tin technically get a sensation of Mistborn successful the signifier of a crippled by mode of Fortnite, which precocious sold a tegument based connected Kelsier. Be definite to cheque retired Sanderson’s full “State of” post for much accusation astir what the writer is up to. 

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