Capitol Officer Defends Shooting Ashli Babbitt and Reveals His Identity

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Politics|Revealing His Identity, Capitol Police Officer Defends Shooting Rioter connected Jan. 6

“I cognize that time I saved countless lives,” Lt. Michael Byrd said successful an interrogation with NBC. He said shooting Ashli Babbitt, who smashed done a doorway adjacent lawmakers, was a “last resort.”

Officers protected lawmakers connected  Jan. 6 arsenic  rioters tried to interruption  into the House chamber, ignoring orders to enactment   back.
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Aug. 26, 2021Updated 8:48 p.m. ET

Lt. Michael Byrd, the Capitol Police serviceman who fatally changeable a rioter during the Jan. 6 attack, defended his actions successful a televised interrogation connected Thursday, saying that pulling the trigger had been a “last resort” that had prevented the mob from sidesplitting lawmakers.

“I cognize that time I saved countless lives,” Lieutenant Byrd told NBC Nightly News, publically identifying himself for the archetypal time. “I cognize members of Congress, arsenic good arsenic my chap officers and staff, were successful jeopardy and successful superior danger. And that’s my job.”

The Capitol Police and national prosecutors had kept his individuality private, saying that helium and his household had received decease threats. Former President Donald J. Trump and far-right Republicans person portrayed the rioter helium shot, Ashli Babbitt, arsenic a martyr and suggested without grounds that she was a unfortunate of premeditated murder.

Lieutenant Byrd organized and coordinated the defence of the House enclosure connected Jan. 6, erstwhile a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol and bushed constabulary officers portion Congress counted electoral votes to formalize President Biden’s victory.

A 28-year seasoned of the Capitol Police force, Lieutenant Byrd said helium had ne'er fired his weapon earlier Jan. 6. He argued that had been his lone enactment arsenic rioters smashed done the solid doors of the Speaker’s Lobby, ignoring orders to enactment backmost and threatening lawmakers who were gathered lone feet away.

“I tried to hold arsenic agelong arsenic I could,” helium said. “I hoped and prayed nary 1 tried to participate done those doors. But their nonaccomplishment to comply required maine to instrumentality the due enactment to prevention the lives of members of Congress and myself and my chap officers.”


Credit...Jason Andrew for The New York Times

The Capitol Police announced connected Monday that their probe into the shooting had recovered that the serviceman acted lawfully and perchance saved lawmakers and aides from superior harm oregon death.

That determination came aft a Justice Department uncovering successful April that charges against the serviceman were not warranted successful the shooting of Ms. Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran. She was among a throng of Trump supporters who smashed their mode done the entranceway to the Speaker’s Lobby, a restricted country instantly extracurricular the House chamber, portion officers were evacuating lawmakers.

According to video of the encounter, arsenic rioters shattered the lobby doors, Ms. Babbitt tried to ascent done a spread successful the glass. A idiosyncratic connected the different broadside fired a azygous shot, causing her to autumn backmost and pushing the intruders back. The slug deed her successful the near shoulder, and she was taken to a hospital, wherever she died. She was 1 of 5 radical who mislaid their lives during the Capitol battle and its contiguous aftermath.

Mr. Trump has said that Ms. Babbitt was “murdered astatine the hands of idiosyncratic who should ne'er person pulled the trigger of his gun.”

“We cognize who helium is,” Mr. Trump said of the serviceman this month.

In the NBC interview, Lieutenant Byrd said helium protected Republicans arsenic good arsenic Democrats successful the Capitol, including Mr. Trump erstwhile helium was successful the House chamber.

“I bash my occupation for Republican, for Democrat, for white, for Black, red, blue, green,” helium said. “I don’t attraction astir your affiliation.”

Ms. Babbitt’s hubby has sued to unit the merchandise of investigative files related to the shooting, and her household has threatened to seek damages from the Capitol Police.

The Capitol Police, similar Congress, is not taxable to nationalist records requests.

Mark E. Schamel, a lawyer who represents Lieutenant Byrd, has described the serviceman arsenic a “decorated veteran” who showed “tremendous restraint successful firing conscionable 1 shot.”

“His willingness to stay steadfast successful the look of hundreds of violent, extremist, would-be insurrectionists intent connected thwarting Congress from performing its law work was the benignant of heroism and committedness that the lieutenant has demonstrated successful his astir 3 decades of instrumentality enforcement service,” Mr. Schamel said successful a connection this week.

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