Caught on video: Trash truck speeds past stopped school bus

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FORTVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Since schoolhouse has been backmost successful league successful the Mount Vernon schoolhouse territory successful Hancock County, cars and trucks astir each azygous time are disregarding the halt arms connected schoolhouse buses.

One parent is taking matters into her own hands. 

“I was conscionable walking retired and I saw this car running, similar going fast, and I knew they were not going to halt so I came up real quick and recorded them blowing by.”

On Wednesday greeting arsenic Lindsey Knight’s children were getting connected the schoolhouse bus, a trash motortruck operator came barreling down the road. Knight had her telephone retired arsenic the motortruck seemingly ignored the halt arms of the school bus. The bus operator deed the horn with nary effect connected the motortruck driver.   

She posted the video online and contacted the motortruck company. On Friday morning, the institution responded. 

“They were going to sermon with each of their drivers and find that circumstantial driver, and ‘thank you’ for the video that I sent them,” Knight said. 

Just astir each time she says astatine slightest 1 operator ignores the autobus halt arm. When drivers disregard the stop arm, she can’t assistance but retrieve the clang connected State Road 25 conscionable northbound of Rochester successful October 2018 that killed 3 children and earnestly injured a fourth.  

“Nobody wants to suffer their kids. I don’t privation the autobus to get hit. Sixty seconds, man, that is each we are asking,” Knight said. 

Recently, Indiana State Police stepped up enforcement around schools, with an accent connected halt limb violators. 

Knight has witnessed drivers walk the autobus connected the close broadside and the left, adjacent erstwhile the halt limb is extended.  

In the past couple months, she says, the assertive behaviour has increased. Her youngest is successful preschool, and the autobus picks her up astatine 6:10 a.m. “Every morning, the operator has to buckle the kids into the seat, which takes a minute.”

“Actually, this greeting determination was an SUV. They stopped. They stopped a good way away, but arsenic they saw maine backmost up truthful they could buckle my kid in, they conscionable keep creeping and creeping and arsenic soon arsenic the halt motion went, they floored it,” Knight said. 

The Mount Vernon schoolhouse territory told News 8 it’s investigating the trash motortruck incident. Also, the schoolhouse territory has made a petition for constabulary to patrol the country during autobus pickup and drop-off times. 

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