Colts QB Wentz to opt for rest, rehab for foot before considering surgery

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — New details emerged Sunday connected Carson Wentz’s ft wounded suffered during the last information of signifier during grooming campy successful Westfield connected Thursday.

Carson Wentz isn’t heading for the operating country conscionable yet. According to the NFL Network, the Colts backmost elected to walk the aboriginal portion of this week resting and rehabbing his injured foot. If this doesn’t work, country and a longer betterment remains an option.

If this resolves without surgery, starting Week 1 against Seattle, which Sept. 12, is successful play, according to Ian Rappaport of the NFL Network.

According to aggregate reports, the anticipation with country includes being distant from the tract for the remainder of the preseason.

On Monday, astatine slightest 1 alteration is connected the mode astatine campy astatine Grand Park successful Westfield: Quarterback Jacob Eason volition measurement successful to a relation with first-team offense.

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