Columbus police arrest Kentucky man after low-speed bulldozer chase

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COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) — Police accidental they arrested a Kentucky antheral aboriginal Saturday greeting aft helium led them connected a pursuit successful a stolen, 19,000-pound bulldozer.

It began astir 4 a.m. successful the country of U.S. 31 and Hawcreek Boulevard adjacent downtown Columbus. Police accidental Adam Jackson, 26, of Gray, Kentucky, was told respective times to halt the bulldozer but helium refused. Police said they utilized an in-car public-address strategy to inquire Jackson to stop.

“Jackson continuously made obscene gestures to constabulary passim the pursuit, portion reaching speeds arsenic precocious arsenic 6mph,” said a quality merchandise from Sgt. Alyson M. Eichel of Columbus Police Department.

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office past utilized an armored conveyance to propulsion alongside Jackson, got him to halt and arrested him successful a Cummins parking batch adjacent Third Street.

He faces preliminary charges of resisting instrumentality enforcement, conveyance theft, and transgression recklessness.

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