Count Us IN wants to make political participation more inclusive, equitable

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Long voting lines and breached machines are conscionable a fewer of the problems disabled voters face.

An Indy nonprofit is asking Hoosiers for help to marque governmental information much inclusive and equitable.

Voting rights crossed the committee is blistery taxable but, for thousands, it’s not conscionable rights they are up against. In the astir caller predetermination cycle, unsighted Hoosiers filed a suit astir their inability to formed backstage absentee ballots. Advocates said that’s 1 of galore problems that needs to beryllium solved.

“Indiana being 1 of the fewer states that did not let ‘no excuse’ ballot by message enactment a batch of radical successful the disablement assemblage astatine risk,” Jalyn Radziminski said.

Radziminski founded Count Us IN. The nonpartisan nonprofit seeks to summation governmental information successful each pockets of society. While taste number groups get attention, the absorption is besides heavy connected the disabled community: a radical that faced large challenges successful the state’s past election, peculiarly unsighted Hoosiers.

“They had immoderate further barriers wherever not lone they had ‘no excuse’ to ballot by mail, they weren’t capable to ballot absentee privately the mode our rights warrant we should beryllium capable to,” Radziminski said.

It was capable of a occupation that the American Council of the Blind Indiana filed a lawsuit. The doesn’t question currency reparations but alternatively calls for tenable accommodations and auxiliary immunodeficiency to unsighted voters successful absentee voting.

“The strategy arsenic it is close present is simply a insubstantial ballot successful the idiosyncratic with a disablement is not capable to privately formed their ballot and they’re besides not capable to take the idiosyncratic who they privation to assistance them,” said Nikki Gray with Indiana Disability Rights.

Count Us IN said, successful summation to the lawsuit, the assemblage arsenic a full tin enactment together. While the suit plays out, the nonprofit is calling for volunteers arsenic they enactment to convene a statewide elector rights’ coalition. “We person a batch astatine involvement if we privation arsenic galore voices heard arsenic possible,” Gray said.

The suit filed connected behalf of unsighted voters could instrumentality respective years to scope a conclusion.

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