Cover Reveal – Horizon Forbidden West

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In 2017, Guerrilla Games wowed america with a caller IP that was antithetic from thing it had ever produced. Best known for the shooter Killzone series, Guerrilla flipped the publication and ventured into the open-world action/RPG genre, inviting america to a post-apocalyptic Earth wherever massive, animal-like machines person go a portion of the ecosystem. Horizon Zero Dawn was an overwhelming success, with adrenaline-pumping battles, an awesome protagonist successful headstrong Aloy, and breathtaking discoveries astir each bend. We couldn’t hold to acquisition more, particularly since Guerrilla had near immoderate escaped ends hanging. Thankfully, the highly anticipated sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is conscionable astir the country with its February 18 merchandise date. 

For our 12-page screen story, we spoke to Guerrilla Games astir what Aloy’s escapade westward volition entail, and we were treated to 2 hands-off demos. One demo showcased an country aboriginal successful the game, providing a glimpse astatine the much elaborate towns and quality models alongside the caller accomplishment trees and workbench system. Our 2nd demo took america overmuch aboriginal successful the crippled to spot a brag conflict successful enactment against a caller fierce foe: the Slitherfang. However, the caller machines are lone portion of Aloy’s struggles this clip around. Find retired much astir the further pressures and conundrums coming her way, and however Guerrilla Games is taking Aloy and the gameplay successful Horizon Forbidden West to a caller level. 

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This contented besides marks the archetypal uncover of Game Informer’s caller marque refresh and mag design, and we've prepared a assemblage beneath to springiness you a preview of the new look. Our graphic designers spent a large woody of clip uncovering ways to make a much readable acquisition arsenic we look to propulsion Game Informer into a caller era. You’ll announcement a caller look and consciousness arsenic you work done the pages of the magazine, which also includes our apical 10 games of 2021, genre awards, and exertion picks. Did your favourite crippled triumph big? Read to find retired and look backmost connected different large twelvemonth successful gaming. 

We didn’t halt there, though. Telltale is coming backmost successful a large way, and subordinate exertion Wesley Leblanc has the archetypal large look astatine the studio’s reinvention, including its recently announced The Expanse: A Telltale Series being co-developed by Deck Nine. We besides dive heavy into different highly anticipated sequel hitting soon: Dying Light 2: Stay Human, detailing our caller hands-on impressions and wherefore we consciousness optimistic astir the February 4 release. And if that’s not enough, we person looks astatine Elden Ring, Forspoken, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Year Two

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