COVID-19 policies reinstated after 25 inmates test positive in Boone County

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LEBANON, Ind. (WISH) — The Boone County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) announced Thursday it is reinstating COVID-19 policies and protocols aft respective inmates and 2 employees precocious tested affirmative for the coronavirus.

Sheriff Michael Nielson called the dispersed of the microorganism astatine the BCSO installation “alarming,” noting that nary inmates had tested affirmative for the microorganism during the pandemic until this month.

“At the opening of the pandemic successful 2020, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office created galore COVID-19 policies to support staff, inmates, and citizens safe,” the section said successful a property merchandise to News 8. “We were capable to support affirmative cases with our unit astatine a minimum and had zero cases with inmates. This was not the norm passim Indiana and the country.”

A “slow open” was initiated astatine the jailhouse successful precocious May and some, but not each of the restrictions, were lifted.

An inmate tested affirmative for COVID-19 connected July 16, the section said. The inmate was quarantined and masks were fixed to the inmates who shared the artifact with the COVID-positive inmate and the affected artifact was placed successful quarantine connected July 19.

Two inmates from a antithetic artifact tested affirmative connected July 23. Coronavirus tests were fixed to inmates successful that artifact and 4 much inmates tested positive.

Coronavirus policies were reinstated aft those tests. The section said each inmates were past offered tests and 128 of 132 of them consented to instrumentality the test. Of those inmates, 25 tested positive.

“We knew erstwhile we began to unfastened the installation backmost up that we would astir apt get the microorganism into our installation but not to this level truthful quickly,” Nielson said.” I tin guarantee you that we are doing everything we tin to forestall the dispersed of the microorganism portion making definite those infected are receiving the champion aesculapian attraction imaginable and astatine the aforesaid clip trying to support our dedicated unit that is moving down those secured walls each day.

Two employees person besides tested affirmative for COVID-19. They instantly began a 10-day quarantine, the section said.

Nielson is encouraging everyone to disguise up and get vaccinated “to support those that are susceptible and to support yourself.”

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