Demand grows in Indiana for COVID-19 testing; rapid tests in short supply

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — COVID-19 trial sites crossed the authorities are filling unfastened assignment times accelerated and forcing immoderate Hoosiers to question immoderate region if they request contiguous results.

Health officials are asking radical to beryllium diligent and not spell to hospitals to get tests. Indiana connected Wednesday reported its highest fig of hospitalizations for COVID, much than 2,000, a 30% leap successful conscionable a week.

Also connected Wednesday, Indiana reported 5,000 caller COVID-19 cases, the astir successful a azygous time since January.

Romell Cervantes lives successful Tippecanoe County, astir 30 miles northwest of Indianapolis connected I-65. She’s struggled to find immoderate immediate-test appointments. She said she feels similar Indiana is going backmost successful time.

“If they marque this determination astir opening and having the kids going backmost to school, they should beryllium acceptable to trial them because, similar close present successful Tippecanoe School Corp., they person similar implicit 500 kids successful quarantine,” Cervantes said.

She said she called the authorities for assistance and was directed to places wherever she needed a referral to get a COVID-19 test. Her occupation isn’t unsocial to her community; some Marion and Hamilton counties’ leaders accidental they are scrambling to support up with the request for COVID-19 tests.

Dr. Virginia Caine, person of the Marion County Public Health Department, said Wednesday, “We’re having a little, what bash I privation to say, complexities astir our testing, and truthful we’re trying to enactment with our vendors to summation the magnitude of runs that they do.”

Caine besides said results are besides taking a small longer to get, determination from 3 to 5 concern days.

Christian Walker, exigency preparedness coordinator with the Hamilton County Health Department, besides sees the increasing request for COVID-19 tests. “We are going to person to fig retired something. We are moving astatine hiring much people, providing much hours, perchance putting retired much sites arsenic well.”

Hamilton County has besides experienced the lag successful uncovering retired trial results, but Walker said they’re besides limiting the usage of accelerated tests. “The tests are successful abbreviated proviso truthful we truly request to prevention them for those that we deliberation whitethorn genuinely person COVID truthful we tin get them retired of COVID arsenic accelerated arsenic possible.”

Both Caine and Walker said a batch of what happens adjacent with investigating volition yet beryllium up to authorities officials.

News 8 reached retired Wednesday to the Indiana State Department of Health to spot if determination are immoderate plans to unfastened much investigating sites due to the fact that of the surge. The section did not respond by Wednesday night.

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