Docs: Man charged with reckless homicide after leaving drunk woman in snow

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis antheral has been charged with reckless homicide aft constabulary accidental helium was seen dragging a drunk pistillate retired of a car and leaving her successful the snowfall wherever she froze to decease successful February.

Justin Holman, 36, of Indianapolis, was charged with reckless homicide successful June.

Police were called to the 9900 artifact of East 38th Street conscionable earlier 2 a.m. on Feb. 19 connected reports of an unresponsive person. When they arrived to the scene, they recovered Shanel Smith, 50, dormant successful the snow.

Authorities accidental Holman was seen connected surveillance video connected the day of Feb. 18 driving a conveyance down the laundromat successful the area. A fishy matching Holman’s statement was seen dragging Smith retired of a rear rider spot and leaving her successful the snow, according to tribunal documents.

The fishy was besides seen tossing Smith’s belongings, including her jacket, chapeau and gloves, retired of the car earlier driving away.

Smith was seen connected video moving her legs and arms for respective minutes aft she was near successful the snow. About 2 hours aboriginal she was seen sitting up and trying to determination earlier she laid backmost down, tribunal documents show.

Smith was successful the snowfall for astir 10 hours earlier she was found.

Investigators were capable to place the conveyance successful the surveillance video and hint it backmost to Holman.

Holman was past brought successful for questioning and helium admitted to hanging retired and drinking with Smith during the time connected Feb. 18. According to tribunal documents, helium besides admitted to dragging her retired of the car due to the fact that she “fell dormant and helium needed to get home.”

Holman told investigators helium didn’t retrieve wherefore helium decided to propulsion astir the backmost of the laundromat and permission Smith successful the snowfall oregon wherefore helium decided not to permission her successful beforehand of the 24-hour laundromat wherever radical were.

On April 29, Smith’s decease was ruled a homicide caused by biology acold overexposure. Her humor intoxicant contented was .297, much than 3 times the ineligible limit.

Holman has since bonded retired of jail. His assemblage proceedings is scheduled for October.

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