Dominant gold secured for Aussie sailor

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It was lone a formality, but Matt Wearn has his golden medal successful the men's azygous laser sailing event, and Australia has its 4th of the day.

It's the astir ever by the federation connected a azygous time of immoderate Olympics.


Wearn's programme began a week ago, and determination were 10 races starring up to the 'medal race' contiguous - but since accumulation of points from the full week matters, he lone had to commencement and implicit the contention contiguous without being disqualified to beryllium locked successful arsenic champion.

A jubilant Matt Wearn waves an Australian emblem aft securing gold. (Getty)

But determination was nary taking the ft disconnected the state arsenic Wearn crossed the enactment successful second, down Frenchman Jean Baptiste Bernaz, who finished archetypal connected the time and sixth overall.

The large mover connected this last time was Croatia's Tonci Stipanovic, who began the time successful 3rd and ended up successful silver.

Bronze went to Hermann Tomasgaard of Norway.

"The extremity was conscionable to spell retired and person a cleanable commencement and beryllium capable to contention from there. To beryllium capable to bash that and conscionable bask the contention was awesome," Wearn told reporters.

The 25-year-old, who was competing successful his archetypal Olympics, was cheered connected by a steadfast Australian squad contingent, who past chaired him and his vas from the h2o arsenic helium celebrated with an Australian flag.

Matt Wearn reacts aft his last contention successful Tokyo. (Getty)

"It was a large acquisition - bully wind, bully waves. When the wind's similar this the athletics is conscionable astonishing and you truly commencement to bask it," helium said.

Australia present has 14 golden truthful acold astatine the Games, rapidly closing connected their best-ever showing crossed an Olympics.

The fig is present adjacent 3rd all-time with Beijing, and conscionable 4 much are needed to walk Sydney (16) and Athens (17).

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