Eric Swalwell Nails It And Explains Why Jim Jordan And Kevin McCarthy Are Running Scared

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Rep. Eric Swalwell said connected Saturday that Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy are conscionable 1/6 witnesses, but witnesses to Trump’s intent connected the time the Capitol was attacked.


Eric Swalwell says Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy should beryllium disquieted astir the 1/6 probe due to the fact that they are witnesses to Trump's intent and conduct.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 31, 2021

Swalwell said connected MSNBC:

Jim Jordanand Kevin McCarthy are not lone witnesses to what happened astatine the Capitol connected January 6th, they are witnesses to Donald Trump’s intent and, his conduct, the decisions that he made that day. That’s why Jim Jordanshouldn’t be anyplace adjacent to the dais that is investigating January 6th, but helium whitethorn beryllium adjacent to the witness table. 

One question that I have, Jonathan, arsenic Kevin McCarthy years ago, famously talked about how Benghazi was designed to tear down Hillary Clinton, well, will immoderate of these witnesses have the courageousness that Hillary Clinton showed that time erstwhile she testified for 11 hours? Will we get 11 seconds of Kevin McCarthy? Will we get 11 seconds of Jim Jordan? Will we get 11 seconds of Donald Trump, who you retrieve refused to testify erstwhile called to the impeachment trial. 

It Will Be A Big Problem For Jim Jordan And Kevin McCarthy If They Refuse To Testify

So far, Jordan and McCarthy person talked a large crippled astir having thing to fell and being consenting to testify, but volition they inactive consciousness the aforesaid mode erstwhile the subpoenas are delivered?

Jordan has admitted that helium was successful connection regularly with Trump, and Trump implicated Jordan successful his coup plot according to handwritten notes of Trump’s conversations with DOJ officials.

McCarthy and Jordan are implicated up to their eyeballs successful 1/6 and the events that led up to it, and that is wherefore they are moving frightened of an probe that is rapidly closing successful connected them.

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