EU to recommend reinstating COVID-related travel restrictions on US, reports say

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(CNN) — The European Union is expected to urge connected Monday that subordinate states reinstate COVID-related question restrictions and halt nonessential question from the United States and 5 different countries, a diplomatic root told CNN connected Monday..

The EU would reestablish coronavirus question restrictions specified arsenic quarantine and investigating requirements for unvaccinated travelers from those countries, according to the source.

Other countries to beryllium removed from the harmless question database would beryllium Kosovo, Israel, Montenegro, Lebanon and North Macedonia, the diplomat said.

The determination to renew EU question restrictions would go last connected Monday should nary EU state object, the root told CNN, confirming different media reports.

The European Council, the EU’s governing body, recommended that the bloc assistance restrictions connected nonessential question from 14 countries, including the US, in June.

However, COVID-19 cases successful the United States have surged successful caller weeks, arsenic the highly infectious Delta variant spreads among unvaccinated Americans. COVID-19 cases among children are besides hitting levels not seen since winter.

“What is going connected present is some wholly predictable, but wholly preventable. And you cognize we cognize we person the wherewithal with vaccines to crook this around,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US government’s apical infectious diseases expert. “We could crook this astir and we could bash it efficiently and rapidly if we conscionable get those radical vaccinated.”

Nationally, 52.1% of the colonisation was afloat vaccinated arsenic of Saturday, according to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Florida connected Saturday had the highest COVID-19 hospitalization complaint successful the country, with 75 patients per 100,000 residents successful hospitals with the virus, according to information from national wellness officials and Johns Hopkins University. It besides reached yet different pandemic precocious of Covid-19 cases Friday, reporting 690.5 caller cases per 100,000 radical each time from August 20 to August 26, authorities information showed.

Fewer than 50% of radical successful South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas are afloat vaccinated. Studies person shown that afloat vaccination is indispensable for optimal extortion against the Delta variant.

Several hospitals successful those 4 states — Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Louisiana — are struggling with oxygen scarcity. Some are astatine hazard of having to usage their reserve proviso oregon hazard moving retired of oxygen imminently, according to authorities wellness officials and infirmary consultants.

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