Family of Hamilton Heights student killed on way to prom seeks criminal charges

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ARCADIA, Ind. (WISH) — The families of Lendon Byram and Kalen Hart person waited since May to find retired what happened successful the moments starring up to their death.

The two were killed astatine a agrarian Hamilton County intersection connected their mode to prom. Hart was a Hamilton Heights High School student. Byram attended Cathedral High School successful Indianapolis.

Kalen’s stepdad, Rob Conaway, said each time has been torture, and present that a study connected the fatal clang has been released, things are adjacent worse.

“The authoritative for immoderate reason, helium hasn’t told america why, we person a gathering with him time to effort and fig retired wherefore he’s refusing to property charges. If he’s afraid, he’s not going to get a conviction, that’s not bully enough,” Conaway said Tuesday.

Documents from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office accidental the Prosecutor’s Office declined to record transgression charges successful the case.

The study says the operator of the conveyance that deed Byram and Hart was fixed a speeding summons for going 80 successful a 55 mph zone. News 8 chose not to sanction the different operator progressive due to the fact that they are underage and not charged with a crime.

The clang documents besides accidental if the operator had gone the posted velocity limit, it’s improbable the clang would person happened and that Byram’s car would person crossed the intersection safely.

The study says the nonstop determination wherever Byram stopped astatine the intersection is unclear.

“They said they afloat believed helium stopped. They could not 100% verify that due to the fact that his achromatic container was damaged beyond being capable to retrieve immoderate accusation connected it,” Conaway said.

Conaway said, for his girl and her boyfriend, the effect was losing their lives, and helium doesn’t deliberation the operator who deed them is being held accountable.

“My girl and her fellow is worthy much than a $170 speeding ticket. I’m not saying she needs to spell to jailhouse for 40 years, but, nonaccomplishment of license, having to instrumentality antiaircraft driving, being connected probation, assemblage service?” Conaway said.

News 8 reached retired the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office to larn much astir the determination to not complaint the different operator and did not perceive back.

Conaway said his household has a gathering scheduled with the authoritative connected Wednesday, but helium said they’ve already been told to not expect immoderate changes successful his decision.

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