Fire hydrants in Speedway could soon sport checkered flag motif

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — The Speedway Lions Club has embarked connected a task to repaint the town’s occurrence hydrants successful a motion to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

On Facebook, the nine is asking for contributions of $50, the outgo of converting each occurrence hydrant into a black-and-white, checkered signifier that mimics the emblem that signifies a contention winner.

Any thought however galore occurrence hydrants are successful the municipality of 12,224? The Lions Club says it’s astir 500, truthful the extremity is to rise $25,000.

People and organizations tin donate done the Venmo app astatine @Speedway-LionsOR, oregon nonstop checks to this address: Speedway Lions Club; Fire Hydrant Project; 5503 W. 16th St.; Speedway, IN 46224.

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