Frightening crash rocks Bathurst 1000 race day

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Possibly the astir frightening clang of the Bathurst 1000 lead-up rocked the S5000 bid connected Sunday morning.

It occurred during the 4th circular of the S5000s erstwhile the cars of Aaron Cameron and Luis Leeds made interaction connected The Chase.

Both drivers emerged from the clang unscathed, but not earlier their cars collided and went flying disconnected the track, forcing the contention to beryllium red-flagged and declared.

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In an bonzer portion of footage, 1 of Leeds' tyres tin beryllium seen ripping disconnected the bead and flying done the air.

A fearfulness clang has marred circular 4 of the S5000s successful Bathurst. (FOX Sports)

"Another hold-your-breath moment!" said commentator Richard Craill connected the Fox Sports broadcast.

"They're some disconnected the way astatine precocious speed, it's each over, large crash!

"It's been specified a large talking constituent each weekend.

"Side by broadside astatine the kink. That's huge!"

Co-commentator Chad Neylon labelled the clang "incredible".

It came conscionable 1 time aft another scary mishap occurred astatine The Chase, involving S5000 drivers Joey Mawson and Jordan Boys.

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