From WebMD's CEO: In Remembrance of Kristy Hammam

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Editor's note: Bob Brisco is the CEO of Internet Brands, the genitor institution of WebMD.

Dec. 24, 2021 -- We’ve mislaid Kristy Hammam, WebMD’s agelong clip editor, to cancer.   She was lone 50.

Kristy’s passing makes nary sense.

She did arsenic overmuch to amended the nationalist astir bully wellness arsenic astir anyone, ever.  She took attraction of herself and her family.  Exercised.  Ate right.  Got each crab screening connected schedule.  She was ever positive, similar sunshine.  The aesculapian likelihood and karmic gods were ever successful her favor. 

When diagnosed with bosom crab 3 years agone she embraced each signifier of treatment— immunotherapy, radiation, chemo.  And it worked.  For a while.  Until it didn’t.

At first, it’s hard to propulsion the lessons from Kristy’s life.   Because it makes nary sense.  She did everything right.  And still, this.

But the lessons are there.  You bash the close things successful beingness due to the fact that they are the close things to bash successful life.  Not due to the fact that determination are guarantees.  But due to the fact that arsenic a genitor and arsenic a leader, the likelihood ever matter.    Because you are a relation model.  And due to the fact that you are astute and courageous to your core. 

About a period ago, Kristy flew from Atlanta to Washington DC, alone, to beryllium with her champion friend.  Blind and compromised, but ne'er really, she flew arsenic an unaccompanied minor. 

I don’t deliberation I’ve ever met anyone much big than Kristy.  She ever took responsibility.  She ever made things better. 

I cognize I talk for everyone astatine WebMD erstwhile I accidental we’ve mislaid 1 of our champion quality beings. 

It volition ne'er marque sense.  But she wouldn’t privation it to alteration thing astir our mission, which was her ngo too.

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