Great Sunday!

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A refreshing commencement to the greeting with temperatures successful the little 60s and a wide sky! A acold beforehand volition determination crossed the authorities generating a airy ablution present and determination but I would expect much adust clip and sunshine today! Highs volition apical retired successful the precocious 70s to adjacent 80°. Tonight looks comfy with lows successful the little 60s.

An country of precocious unit volition predominate our upwind communicative for the adjacent respective days. Monday starts disconnected beauteous with highs successful the precocious 70s with a mis of prima and clouds. Tuesday looks similar a transcript and paste time with highs successful the precocious 70s to adjacent 80° with a mostly sunny sky. Wednesday highs volition get somewhat warmer with highs successful the little 80s with sunshine. Humidity volition dilatory summation by the extremity of the week with temperatures inching person to the mid 80s.

Next play highs should beryllium adjacent if not a grade oregon 2 supra the seasonal people with astir successful the mid 80s with sunshine.

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