Heartbreak as Aussie misses medal by just 5cm

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Australia's Matthew Denny has travel agonisingly adjacent to a medal successful the discus, earlier yet settling for 4th spot astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

The 25-year-old threw a idiosyncratic champion of 67.02m, conscionable 5 centimetres abbreviated of a bronze medal.


Sweden's Daniel Stahl took the golden with a propulsion of 68.90 from countryman Simon Pettersson (67.39) and Austria's Lukas Weisshaidinger (67.07).

"I person ne'er thrown that acold successful training, truthful I'll enactment that retired there," Denny said.

"To beryllium truthful adjacent to making truthful overmuch past truly hurts. But it was fun.

Matthew Denny of Team Australia competes successful the Men's Discus Throw Final connected time 8 of the Tokyo Olympic Games. (Getty)

"I deed it and I knew it was good. I knew it was better. To cognize I was conscionable disconnected and spot that 4 - 4th sucks. It was little than a brew can. I decidedly request a gin oregon 2 aft this."

While Denny mightiness person been disappointed by fourth, it represents the champion decorativeness ever by an Australian antheral astatine the Olympics successful discus.

And it's a effect that gives him a batch of assurance for the future.

"All these boys are truthful overmuch bigger than me," helium said.

"When I was younger, 19 and 20, going implicit there, I felt smaller than them. Now, erstwhile I saw everyone and I started the contention yesterday, I didn't consciousness that anymore.

"I person ever felt I belonged but present it was like, we're on."

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