Hot and humid air to continue

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A bully chunk of the authorities saw showers and storms done the greeting and day hours. Lots of dense rainfall and lightning occurred on with a mates of terrible thunderstorm warnings. The rainfall did assistance astir of cardinal Indiana enactment distant from the vigor for overmuch of the day.

Wednesday night: Scattered showers and storms volition stay imaginable into tonight. Additional improvement is besides imaginable overnight northbound of interstate 70.

Isolated beardown to terrible tempest chances are inactive successful play earlier sunset for a bulk of the state. Damaging winds volition beryllium the superior threat. Torrential rainfall and predominant lightning volition hap with immoderate storm. Isolated flash flooding is besides a concern.

Lows volition lone dip into the debased to mid 70s.

Thursday: Lingering showers are imaginable Thursday greeting earlier we rapidly vigor things up. A fewer much showers and storms could make earlier sunset.

Prepare for a sweltering day with highs successful the debased to mid 90s. Heat scale values are expected to scope implicit 100° for immoderate loactions.

Friday: The unsettled inclination continues into the extremity of our workweek. Scattered showers and tempest chances are successful spot passim the day. Highs volition erstwhile again apical retired successful the debased to mid 90s.

8 Day Forecast: Showers are apt Saturday and Sunday with a fewer isolated day thunderstorms possible. Temperatures volition stay good supra mean done the weekend, and vigor scale values volition scope the mid to precocious 90s Saturday. The progressive upwind signifier continues into adjacent week. Expect a gradual cooling inclination done Tuesday. 

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