House committee plans to seek phone records in probe of Jan. 6, including from members of Congress

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(CNN) — The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot is poised to nonstop notices to assorted telecommunications companies requesting that they sphere the telephone records of respective people, including members of Congress, aggregate sources archer CNN.

Preserving communications records is the archetypal measurement successful an investigatory process that could yet pb to witnesser testimony. The notices are acceptable to spell retired arsenic soon arsenic this week and supply the archetypal model into the kinds of accusation the committee plans to pursue.

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, who serves arsenic president of the Select Committee, has said that helium hopes to contented subpoenas by the extremity of August. Thompson besides has signed disconnected connected a broader investigative strategy that volition service arsenic a usher for the panel’s enactment going forward, according to a root acquainted with the readying document.

While it remains unclear which members’ records the committee is funny in, respective Republican lawmakers, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, person acknowledged speaking to then-President Donald Trump by telephone connected Jan. 6.

Democrats person besides accused immoderate of their GOP colleagues of interacting with individuals who stormed the US Capitol anterior to the attack.

In an interrogation with CNN connected Monday, Thompson confirmed the committee was poised to nonstop letters to telecom companies but besides indicated they would beryllium sent to societal media companies, though helium declined to sanction which ones.

“In presumption of telecom companies, they’re the ones that beauteous overmuch you already know, the large networks, the societal media platforms, those kinds of things,” Thompson told CNN connected Monday.

“I tin archer you that we’ll look astatine everything that volition springiness america accusation connected what happened connected January 6,” Thompson said. “We volition look astatine each records astatine immoderate point.”

The Mississippi Democrat said the letters requesting that records beryllium preserved person not gone retired yet, but that determination is simply a wide scope of radical who the Committee is readying to contact.

“We person rather an exhaustive database of people. I won’t archer you who they are. But it’s respective 100 radical that marque up the database of individuals we program to contact,” helium said.

Jordan, who has said that helium spoke to erstwhile President Trump connected Jan. 6, told CNN connected Monday that helium had not been contacted by the committee to sphere his records, but said if helium does helium volition comply.

“I’ve got thing to hide. I’ve said that along, I’ve thing to hide,” Jordan, an Ohio Republican, said but past warned that should the committee instrumentality that measurement determination could beryllium governmental retribution.

Much of the committee’s enactment truthful acold has been down closed doors, and the nonstop scope of the probe remains unclear but determination are signs it could balloon into a monolithic undertaking.

The scope and purview of the committee’s enactment was portion of what led to Republicans revolting implicit the conception of an autarkic bipartisan commission, but the prime committee volition apt beryllium much expansive than the autarkic commission Republicans blocked successful the spring.

The solution empowering the Select Committee provides nary circumstantial limitations arsenic to what it tin and cannot investigate, leaving it up to the Committee to enforce its ain defender rails and narrower focus.

Initial plans impact compiling monolithic amounts of data, documents and yet compelling grounds from a wide swath of imaginable witnesses, including members of Congress, erstwhile members of the Trump administration, and immoderate of the hundreds of rioters who person been charged with assaulting the Capitol that day.

It besides appears that the Committee could person limitless resources. Though the radical has yet to clarify however overmuch it intends to spend, the flexible connection dictating its backing mirrors the model for the prime committee investigating the 2012 violent onslaught successful Benghazi. That committee ended up spending adjacent to $7 million over 2 years.

The committee kicked disconnected its enactment connected July 27 with an emotional nationalist hearing featuring grounds from 4 beforehand enactment instrumentality enforcement officers. No further nationalist hearings person been scheduled.

To date, committee officials person offered fewer details astir imaginable subpoena targets though GOP Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and different members of the sheet person made wide investigators indispensable “get to each portion of accusation that matters.” That apt includes stitching unneurotic a elaborate knowing of what Trump and his closest allies were doing that time and successful the pb up to the attack.

The Select Committee has besides begun gathering with applicable agencies astatine the unit level, 1 of the sources acquainted with the Committee’s probe told CNN, different denotation that the probe whitethorn yet commencement ramping up successful the coming days and weeks.

The sheet has expressed an involvement successful speaking to erstwhile DOJ officials who person been linked to Trump’s effort to propulsion mendacious elector fraud claims. CNN antecedently reported it could question applicable White House telephone logs from the National Archives, which has ineligible custody of each the statesmanlike records from Trump’s clip successful office.

Earlier this month, the Archives acknowledged to CNN that it has possession of the Trump-era telephone logs and different perchance applicable records from the erstwhile administration. In March, the Archives received a letter from respective House committees “requesting records related to the January 6, 2021, battle connected the U.S. Capitol,” but it is unclear whether White House telephone logs were considered portion of that circumstantial ask.

Still, the Archives noted that determination is simply a process “by which the Congress and the incumbent medication whitethorn petition entree to records of erstwhile administrations.”

The House committees that signed the March missive person been receiving documents connected an ongoing ground from the Archives, according to 2 sources acquainted with the process. Those documents, and different materials applicable to Jan. 6, volition beryllium shared with the Select Committee which is present moving constituent connected examining each matters related to the attack, the sources added.

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