Indiana garnishing wages of Johnson County man who won unemployment appeal

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Department of Workforce Development has ordered thousands of Hoosiers to repay overpayment of unemployment benefits.

The process to entreaty is analyzable and time-consuming. I-Team 8 recovered a Johnson County man won his appeal, but the authorities continued to enforce a garnishment of his wages.  

Bartley Baker was shocked erstwhile helium received a missive successful November of past twelvemonth demanding helium repay $8,300 of unemployment benefits. He was much than a small amazed the authorities would inquire for wealth helium legitimately received. Baker instantly stopped filling for unemployment benefits, which forced him to determination backmost into his parents’ home. He filed an entreaty and successful February, helium won. 

“The judge asked a fewer questions and I answered them and helium ruled successful our favor,” Baker said.

However, without waiting for a determination successful his appeal, the Department had already turned his lawsuit implicit the lawyer general.

“the workforce held my Indiana authorities taxation refund and applied it toward the debt” Baker said. 

It was a indebtedness a Department administrative law justice said Baker didn’t owe. The ruling has not stopped astatine slightest 2 postulation letters a period from the Department demanding repayment.  

“I sent immoderate emails to them explaining,” Baker said. “Well, I sent a transcript of the ruling to workforce and sent respective emails and called them and they inactive person not updated my status.”

Baker has kept meticulous notes, on with each missive from the Department. The latest collections missive from the Department arrived 2 weeks ago. 

The garnishment from the authorities extends beyond unemployment benefits. Any income helium earns is taxable to postulation by the state. 

I-Team 8 has sent Baker’s accusation to the Department. Late Monday afternoon, a Department typical said Baker needed to reverify his individuality done the website. Baker is hoping to get this garnishment resolved and get backmost to work. 

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