Indiana has waived $412, collected $6 million in overpayments last 3 months

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In the past 3 months, Indiana has lone waived $412 successful overpayments portion the authorities has collected implicit $6 cardinal successful overpayments.

I-Team 8 has recovered surrounding states person waived the pursuing successful overpayments betwixt the months of April and June:

  • Ohio: $4,343,743
  • Michigan: $204,407
  • Illinois: $0
  • Kentucky began its waiver programme successful July. In the past 30 days, the authorities person approved 249 unemployment waiver applications totaling $408,233.

In a property league a small implicit 2 weeks ago, Department of Workforce Development Commissioner Fred Payne told I-Team 8 anyone being asked to repay an overpayment successful pandemic unemployment benefits was not eligible successful the archetypal place.

“If there’s an idiosyncratic who received an overpayment and they provided america with a waiver oregon their entreaty … we’ve stopped immoderate benignant of attempts,” Payne said. “We lone privation to spell aft overpayments that radical did not legitimately receive. We’re not successful the concern of trying to beryllium overly burdensome to individuals.”

In the past fewer weeks, I-Team 8 has collected complaints from astir 1,000 people showing they were eligible, had submitted each their documents correctly and connected time, and are inactive being asked to repay tens of thousands of dollars.

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