Indiana mom: I’m doing more for unemployment system than Workforce Development

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — I-Team 8 archetypal met Jennifer Glynn, a ma of two, implicit 3 weeks ago.

Glynn started a Facebook Help Group to assistance radical successful figuring retired why, erstwhile eligible for pandemic unemployment benefits, they person to repay tens of thousands of dollars successful overpayments.

Now, a period later, she says things person gotten worse.

“I don’t cognize wherefore the claims typical can’t support up,” Glynn said. “I’m keeping up.”

Glynn’s unemployment advice, aft going done the filing process herself, has helped astir 7,000 people. Still, I-Team 8 has recovered the Department of Workforce Development has only waived $412 betwixt the months of April and June. The Department did not waive thing successful the 15 months earlier that.

“I’m not surprised…. They’re going to commencement garnishing the benefits that they’re receiving present and that’s however they’re dilatory collecting money.”

I-Team 8 recovered Indiana has recovered implicit $6 cardinal successful overpayments betwixt April and June. Glynn says, since Workforce Development’s nationalist comments, there’s been precise small quality to get a clasp of the close idiosyncratic astatine the department. She says galore claimants present find themselves waiting connected their entreaty tribunal dates, but are still capable to assertion unemployment benefits.

“That’s wherefore it’s confusing sometimes. How travel they weren’t eligible before, but present they are?” 

While she says the accent is building, Glynn says she’s going to support giving assistance for radical escaped of cost. She says she is going to support challenging and demanding much from those successful power.

Glynn said aft her last interrogation with News 8, 1 pistillate commented, ‘Wash your hair.’ I would if I had time.

“I situation each DWD idiosyncratic to bash what I’m doing.” 

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