Indiana veterans brace for what’s next in Afghanistan

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Painful images from Afghanistan connected Thursday served arsenic a reminder of the past for galore veterans, including erstwhile Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard who was a Marine for 23 years.

Although Ballard ne'er spent clip successful Afghanistan, helium did combat successful the Middle East.

“I was successful the Gulf War, backmost successful ’90-91. This is simply a small spot antithetic script than Iraq and Iran, but this is disturbing connected truthful galore levels due to the fact that unluckily we haven’t learned overmuch past it seems similar on the way,” Ballard said.

The onslaught successful Afghanistan reminded the erstwhile Republican politician of a tragic lawsuit that happened portion helium was inactive successful uniform.

“I surely retrieve erstwhile we were successful Beirut, I retrieve precisely wherever I was erstwhile the Beirut barracks blew up and 241 sailors and Marines were killed that day. These things are tragic and, similar I said, it deed maine hard,” Ballard said.

He said helium ever understood America’s clip successful the Middle East would person to yet travel to an end, but helium and galore different veterans are not OK with however it happened.

“There were different options available. I’m beauteous overmuch definite of that. Why they chose what they chose, I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but it doesn’t look to beryllium a cleanable option,” Ballard said.

“We are wherever we are close now, and I anticipation that the federation reacts appropriately,” Ballard said.

Afghanistan seasoned Gordon Smith said Thursday’s attacks and aboriginal ones are inevitable.

“I don’t attraction if we would person evacuated today, adjacent month, adjacent year, 10 years from now. I deliberation that we would spot the aforesaid thing,” Smith said.

Now, Smith said, he’s disquieted astir what we whitethorn spot next.

“Will al-Qaida, Taliban, ISIS-K, each these organizations, whoever comes retired connected top, are they gonna commencement empire-building? Are they gonna spell to Pakistan? Are they gonna spell to Qatar? Which, I would deliberation they astir apt would if I were them. It would beryllium easy,” Smith said.

When it comes to the contiguous future, some men said they’ll beryllium connected borderline until each American worker is backmost home.

“Crowds are going to beryllium busting through. The Taliban volition beryllium there. Al-Qaeda is gonna beryllium there. Everyone and their brother, and wouldn’t it beryllium to their recognition and to their purposes to stroke up the past American craft pulling retired of there,” Smith said.

Smith, who works successful seasoned services, said his telephone has been ringing constantly.

News 8 besides heard from veterans last week who told america they had been successful adjacent connection with their Veterans Affairs therapists. They said nary seasoned should beryllium ashamed to scope retired for help.

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