‘Indy Style’ host Amber Hankins releases children’s book, ‘Curly Q’s, Curly Q’s GO AWAY!’

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It’s been a imagination 2 years successful the making, and present we are celebrating its release!

Indy Style’s ain Amber Hankins has written a caller children’s publication based connected a communicative she utilized to archer her girl astatine bedtime. Now, she’s bringing that bedtime communicative to beingness successful this recently published book, “Curly Q’s, Curly Q’s GO AWAY!”

Here’s more:

“Curly Q’s, Curly Q’s GO AWAY!” is simply a communicative astir a curly-haired miss successful 2nd grade, named Avery. More than anything, Avery wants stick-straight hairsbreadth similar her friends – NOT curly, swirly hairsbreadth that looks similar Piper the Poodle.

One night, she decides to marque a privation for consecutive hair, but it doesn’t spell precisely arsenic planned. Through frustration, tears, and a small assistance from her mom, Avery learns to emotion and clasp her curly hair, discovering however peculiar it truly is.

To larn much astir this saccharine communicative oregon person a transcript of your own, visit: kidsatheartpublishing.com/product/curly-qs-curly-qs-go-away.

“Curly Q’s, Curly Q’s GO AWAY!” is besides disposable wherever each books are sold.

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