Infant’s death brings cries to scrutinize Indiana Child Services

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Over 6,000 radical person signed a petition calling for the Marshall County authoritative to analyse the Indiana Department of Child Services and its engagement successful the decease of 11-month-old Mercedes Lain.

“About six years ago, my niece (Serenity Wilson) was murdered,” said Jenn Anderson, who started the petition online. “There were aggregate calls to (Child Services) earlier (Serenity’s death) wherever we were acrophobic astir her safety.”

Anderson connected Tuesday told I-Team 8 the lawsuit of her niece Serenity is eerily akin to the lawsuit of Mercedes Lain. She was the taxable of an Indiana Silver Alert connected Aug. 15.

In Lain’s case, her parents, Tiffany Coburn and Kenneth Lain, and their babysitter, Justin Lee Miller, were arrested past week, and her pretrial league was acceptable for Sept. 15. Both of her parents were charged Friday with neglect of a dependent. Public defenders connected Monday joined the cases for the parents, who are adjacent owed successful tribunal Sept. 15.

Last week, I-Team 8 recovered a history of drugs and kid neglect by some of Mercedes’ parents.

Miller pleaded not blameworthy successful his archetypal tribunal proceeding Tuesday and was assigned a nationalist defender. Another tribunal proceeding was acceptable for Sept. 8.

Mercedes lawsuit was ruled a homicide arsenic of Monday.

Anderson says assemblage members person said calls to Child Services were made successful Mercedes’ lawsuit arsenic well.

“Somebody dropped the ball,” Anderson said, “and I consciousness similar that I’m benignant of tired, and I deliberation everybody other is bushed of (Child Services) not being held accountable for it.”

“You person radical who are pursuing the close concatenation of bid to effort to prevention the babies and it’s not being taken seriously. It’s sickening,” Anderson said. 

Anderson sent a missive to the Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman and asked him to analyse Child Services. The missive said successful portion that “another kid has fallen done the cracks of the breached system.”

Chipman told I-Team 8 helium has nary volition of pursuing an probe into Child Services due to the fact that it’s “not successful his jurisdiction.”

Anderson says she plans to nonstop the missive to U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski, a Republican from Elkhart, arsenic the petition continues to grow.

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