Insect scientists seek help to spot invasive planthopper in Indiana

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VEVAY, Ind. (WISH) — A planthopper indigenous to parts of Asia has been spotted successful Indiana for the archetypal time, and the state’s Department of Natural Resources successful asking Hoosiers to support an oculus retired for much of the insects.

The spotted lanternfly was recovered successful Switzerland County, successful the southeastern information of the authorities adjacent Cincinnati, according to a tweet from the Natural Resources’ part of entomology and works pathology. The insect is considered to beryllium an invasive species.

“This ample planthopper insect powerfully prefers different invasive species, Tree of Heaven. Contact if you find this pest,” the tweet said.

In Pennsylvania, the insect has grown successful numbers crossed the southeastern 4th of the authorities since archetypal being recovered determination successful 2014. The spotted lanternfly is known for feeding connected the sap from much than 70 plants, according to Penn State Extension. In turn, the spotted lanternfly emits a honeydew that attracts bees, wasps and different insects; tin harm plants; and tin permission a sooty mold connected patio furniture, cars and different goods.

The insect has besides been recovered successful Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and West Virginia, according a 2020 study from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

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