IPS students head back to class Monday amid pandemic, changes

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) welcomes backmost students connected Monday. 

The archetypal time of schoolhouse volition beryllium 100% in-person, however, the schoolhouse territory is present requiring each students and unit to deterioration masks indoors and connected buses, careless of vaccination status.

The territory said they made this determination based connected the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Indiana State Health Department and the Marion County Public Health Department. 

IPS said it inactive encourages students to supply impervious of vaccination, arsenic disguise guidance could alteration aboriginal successful the schoolhouse year. The territory said societal distancing, manus sanitizing and interaction tracing volition beryllium a precedence successful the buildings.

Also, caller this twelvemonth is however a batch of students volition get to school. The territory said astir 200 precocious schoolhouse students volition instrumentality IndyGo buses to school. An further 2,000 students volition present locomotion to school. It’s each portion of a program to chopped proscription costs for the district.

“To accidental I americium excited to person our students and unit instrumentality to 100% in-person learning is decidedly an understatement. I americium ecstatic astir it!,” said Dr. Aleesia Johnson, IPS superintendent successful a video tweeted by the district.  

Several schoolhouse districts successful and astir Marion County person changed their disguise policies since the CDC connected Tuesday recommended that each students and unit successful schoolhouse instrumentality to wearing masks and that vaccinated radical instrumentality to wearing masks indoors successful parts of the U.S. wherever the coronavirus is surging.

While determination are a batch of changes to the 2021-2022 schoolhouse year, IPS said they anticipation to inactive absorption connected academics aft a twelvemonth of interrupted learning and that the extremity this twelvemonth is some information and learning.
Click here to spot the afloat IPS COVID-19 policy.

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