IU McKinney Law professor: There’s money available to renters

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The national eviction moratorium enactment successful spot past twelvemonth officially expired connected Saturday aft lawmakers failed to scope a woody earlier clip ran retired astatine midnight. Now, national leaders are looking to states to assistance radical facing evictions.

Indiana received $371 cardinal successful CARES Act wealth to assistance wage rent and utilities, and lone a fraction of that has been distributed, according to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

Indiana University McKinney School of Law prof Fran Quigley said that Indiana tribunal strategy should property intermission connected aboriginal evictions and usage the funds disposable to get landlords paid.

“The wealth that’s disposable volition spell to the landlords, and the landlords person the accidental to get not conscionable existent rent, but backmost rent from these programs.” said Quigley. “The wealth is sitting there. So what we would similar to bash is, if a landlord does question eviction, for the courts to say, ‘Hey, that wealth is disposable … you tin get the wealth that you’re owed — that you’re entitled to arsenic a landlord — and the tenant — the families — tin enactment successful their homes.'”

To larn more, Quigley said struggling renters tin spell indyrent.org oregon dial 211 to get connected with the assistance programs.

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