Jamaicans spark 'intra-team beef' rumours

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It whitethorn person been a Jamaican clean-sweep to instrumentality retired gold, metallic and bronze successful the women's 100m last successful Tokyo, but it appears determination could beryllium occupation successful paradise for the land nation's medal trio.

Defending Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah (10.61) managed to clinch back-to-back golden connected Saturday night, repeating her Rio heroics to borderline retired compatriots Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (10.74) and Shericka Jackson (10.76) with an Olympic grounds run.


But it's the scenes that transpired successful the aftermath of the decorativeness that has near spectators scratching their heads.

As Thompson-Herah collapsed connected the crushed successful elation, she was near connected her ain for immoderate clip earlier her teammates yet meandered implicit to lightly pat her connected the backmost earlier taking disconnected again.

Jamaican prima Elaine Thompson-Herah clinched back-to-back Olympic golden medals successful the women's 100m implicit her compatriots. (Getty)

The concern didn't befit a squad successful harmony, fto unsocial 1 that had swept an Olympic final, and near galore speculating implicit the evident frosty narration betwixt Thompson-Herah and her chap Jamaican medallists.

The conjecture would lone compound erstwhile the trio refused to clasp portion posing for photos, arsenic Fraser-Pryce and Jackson appeared to support their region betwixt themselves and the golden medallist.

Soon after, fans rushed to Twitter to explicit their disorder implicit the scene, with immoderate reports alluding to a fallout betwixt coaches and grooming groups.

No Olympic champion had breached 10.7 since Florence Griffith Joyner backmost successful the precocious 80's. Thompson-Herah wasn't definite she would either arsenic she approached the finish, but "I knew that I won," she said.

"The pointing, I don't cognize what it means. To amusement that I was clear."

This was the archetypal Jamaican expanse of the medals since the women did it astatine the 2008 Beijing Games – a feat somewhat overshadowed that week by the record-setting show by Usain Bolt.

Jamaican prima Elaine Thompson-Herah wins the 100m last astatine the Tokyo Games. (Getty)

But really, determination is nary overlooking the Jamaican women, who really person a longer past of sprint occurrence than the men successful the land country. Fraser-Pryce finished connected apical successful that 2008 race, and completed her Olympic acceptable successful the 100, wherever she present has 2 golds (′08, ′12), a metallic and a bronze (′16).

Fraser-Pryce and Thompson-Herah are headed for a imaginable rematch successful the 200, wherever Thompson-Herah is besides the defending champion.

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