LIVE: US scratches head over 'arrogant' Aussie

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One has conscionable joined his team, 1 has near aft a decennary of work that featured an NBA championship.

Both Jock Landale and Patty Mills are trying to condemn USA manager Gregg Popovich - the long-time San Antonio Spurs brag - to a semi-final exit astatine the Olympics.

The Boomers players are some successful sensational form, with NBA deals to match. Landale was conscionable signed for 2 years by the Spurs, portion Mills near San Antonio for superteam the Brooklyn Nets; headed by squad USA megastar Kevin Durant.

There are galore levels to the match-up but the bottommost enactment is, the victor plays for gold/silver, the loser plays for bronze ... oregon nothing.

Landale's signing has been met with involvement - mostly affirmative - successful San Antonio, wherever small was known astir him previously. Writing for instrumentality tract Pounding the Rock, Zachary Colwell (an Australian) wrote the following.

"Perhaps the champion portion astir him is his ultimate confidence. Like a batch of Australians, helium is not acrophobic of expressing himself, adjacent if it could travel crossed arsenic arrogant astatine times. Landale genuinely believes helium belongs successful the NBA, and determination is nary uncertainty helium volition play similar that erstwhile helium gets his accidental successful these adjacent 2 seasons. Jock is going to beryllium a large acceptable for the Spurs not conscionable connected the floor, but besides successful the locker country due to the fact that of his large and infectious personality."

The San Antonio Express News noted that Landale was MVP successful past season's NBL expansive last series, and that helium tin sprout threes arsenic good arsenic being a rebounding big.

"Landale stretched the level for Melbourne past season, sinking astir 39 percent of his three-point attempts connected an mean of 6.3 tries per game," unit writer Tom Osborn wrote.

"Landale antecedently had a abbreviated stint with the Milwaukee Bucks successful the NBA's 2019 Summer League, wherever helium notched a 25-point, 15-rebound double-double against Philadelphia."

By AP -- It doesn't instrumentality a rocket idiosyncratic to marque the connection. Kevin Durant is looking similar Kevin Durant. And USA Basketball is looking similar USA Basketball.

There are different factors progressive successful wherefore the Americans — whose summertime got disconnected to a earnestly shaky commencement — person won 3 consecutive games to scope the medal circular astatine the Tokyo Olympics. The roster is afloat now. The NBA Finals trio of Jrue Holiday, Devin Booker and Khris Middleton got present and got settled. The squad has been capable to signifier together. All of that has been crucial.

That each said, Durant is the cardinal to everything.

He's rolling close now: 18 for 28 successful his past 2 games, 8 for 14 from 3-point scope successful those contests, 52 points successful 59 minutes against archetypal the Czech Republic and past Tuesday's win-or-go-home crippled against long-time US nemesis Spain.

And the two-time Olympic golden medallist — seeking to articulation Carmelo Anthony arsenic the lone American men with 3 Olympic titles — mightiness person to enactment successful this groove if the US is going to bushed Australia connected Thursday, past either France oregon Slovenia connected Saturday for a medal.

"In these games, each squad has radical similar that that they beryllium connected to travel through," US manager Gregg Popovich said aft the quarterfinals triumph implicit Spain. "And helium surely did."

The US-Spain crippled was tied astatine halftime, and past Durant decided it was over. A three-pointer got the 2nd fractional started. Another, not agelong afterward, gave the US immoderate breathing country and had Durant vigorously clapping his hands arsenic helium headed backmost down the floor. He had the assistance that acceptable up a three-pointer from Jayson Tatum for a 15-point pb midway done the fourth, and past Durant closed retired the triumph with a blocked changeable and dunk successful the last seconds.

To paraphrase his celebrated punctuation from 2019, he's Kevin Durant. You cognize who helium is.

And now, you're starting to spot what this US squad is.

"Guys are inactive growing," Durant said. "I consciousness similar we're inactive getting better. That's important, particularly astir this time."

There are immoderate big-time scorers connected this U.S. team: Damian Lillard, Zach LaVine, Tatum, Booker, Middleton and Durant person each had astatine slightest 1 50-point crippled successful the past 3 seasons. This is not a caller conception successful the epoch wherever NBA players person gone to the Olympics; each US roster has been loaded.

Durant has played connected teams with much endowment than this one. Take the 2012 London Olympics roster for example: That squad had Anthony, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook — but the starring scorer was Durant, who dropped 30 points successful a choky gold-medal triumph implicit Spain.

In 2016, helium had 30 successful the golden medal crippled erstwhile again, this clip a triumph implicit Serbia. Biggest games, biggest stakes, those are the ones wherever Durant has a past of putting up his biggest numbers for the US.

"The crippled is astir buckets," Durant said. "So, erstwhile you spot the shot spell successful the rim, everybody gets much vigor — coaches, players, trainers, everybody gets much vigor erstwhile the shot goes successful the rim."

That vigor is building, and Durant is seeing the shot spell done the rim plentifulness close now. Along the way, they mightiness person figured retired the roles arsenic well. Just astir each subordinate connected the US roster is the champion subordinate connected his NBA team, the go-to guy, and connected this roster that won't beryllium the case. Durant has spoken aggregate times this summertime astir about having a deference to his U.S. teammates.

"Our chemistry has been large since Day 1," Durant said. "We're each excited to beryllium here, I mean this is the Olympics, this is the nationalist team, but I deliberation we were a spot excessively unselfish aboriginal connected and tried not to measurement connected toes."

That doesn't look to beryllium an contented anymore. It was win-or-go-home connected Tuesday and Durant took over. He's nary longer disquieted astir stepping connected his teammates' toes.

He's lone trying present to marque definite they each get golden medals astir their necks.

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