Man arrested in Jackson County shooting that left 1 dead

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SEYMOUR, Ind. (WISH) — A antheral has been arrested successful transportation with a shooting successful Jackson County connected Thursday, according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Police accidental Jeremiah Oliger, 32, has been arrested for execution and is being held without enslaved astatine the Jackson County Jail.

Around 5 a.m. Thursday, constabulary received a telephone astir a idiosyncratic shot. According to the caller, she was driving successful the 7700 artifact of County Road 875 East erstwhile the car successful beforehand of her stopped and the operator approached her conveyance saying that an occupant of the car had been shot.

Officers were dispatched to the country and recovered 22-year-old Lelan-Eric Sharp of North Vernon with a gunshot coiled to his abdomen.

After speaking with witnesses, it was aboriginal determined that the shooting took spot astatine a residence located successful the 8000 artifact of North County Road 925 East successful Seymour.

According to responders, Sharp was transported to Schneck Medical Center. He was past taken to the IU Health Methodist Hospital successful Indianapolis, wherever helium died.

What led up to the incidental is unknown.

Court records bespeak that Oliger had antecedently been charged with respective convulsive felonies.

In 2020, helium pled blameworthy to home battery. In the aforesaid case, helium was besides charged with transgression confinement with bodily injury, but that complaint was dismissed. He was sentenced to 278 days successful jail.

Earlier that year, helium was charged with 2 counts of robbery resulting successful bodily injury, 2 counts of equipped robbery, artillery resulting successful mean bodily wounded and artillery resulting successful superior bodily injury. Oliger pled blameworthy to artillery resulting successful superior bodily injury. The different charges were dismissed, and helium was sentenced to 4 years successful prison, with two-and-a-half years suspended.

Prior to that, Oliger pled blameworthy successful 2018 to disorderly conduct. He was besides charged with transgression confinement with bodily injury, but that complaint was dismissed. Oliger was sentenced to probation, which helium violated successful 2019. His condemnation was amended to 120 days confinement.

Also successful 2018, helium pled blameworthy to resisting instrumentality enforcement, for which helium was sentenced to 450 days imprisonment.

Again successful 2018, Oliger was convicted of neglect of a babelike and operating a conveyance with a humor intoxicant level of .15 oregon much with a rider nether 18. He received a 1 twelvemonth condemnation for each conviction. According to tribunal documents, the sentences were to beryllium served concurrently.

In 2016, Oliger was convicted of home battery. He was sentenced to 1 twelvemonth successful jail.

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