Manning’s former teammates, coaches, friends share well wishes ahead of Hall of Fame

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With 18 illustrious NFL seasons nether his belt, erstwhile Colts backmost Peyton Manning, who holds the grounds for the astir touchdown passes successful a azygous season, has yet thrown himself into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Manning volition beryllium inducted successful the Hall of Fame connected Sunday astatine 6:30 p.m. successful Canton, Ohio.

Throughout his illuminated career, Manning has made a fig of impacts connected and disconnected the shot field. From lifelong bonds created with erstwhile Colts Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne and Jeff Saturday, his comrades desired to locomotion him into the Hall of Fame, honorably.

Former teammate Pat McAfee stated, “Not lone large astatine shot obviously, large astatine everything other you bash but you were an unthinkable teammate and I anticipation they admit that astatine the Hall of Fame arsenic well—that nary substance however large of a superstar you were oregon became, you were ever 1 of the boys successful the locker room. For me, that volition everlastingly beryllium cool.”

Super Bowl champ and erstwhile teammate Jeff Saturday has ever admired playing with Manning, 1 of his closest friends: “Congrats P. Well deserved brother. Couldn’t person happened to a amended guy. I archer you man, conscionable each the enactment and effort you enactment successful is yet paying dividends, putting you into the Hall of Fame. Proud to telephone you a teammate.”

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