Mayor Hogsett to Republic services: we will hold them accountable

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) — Mayor Joe Hogsett said the metropolis has been moving with Republic to resoluteness the trash and recycling pickup problems astir the city.

Republic has held a contract with the metropolis for 20 years, and this existent declaration expires successful a mates years. The politician says if they don’t signifier up, the metropolis could look for a caller trash collector 

“I volition archer you if things are not remedied successful short order, we would not beryllium liable if we did not look for alternatives that would beryllium much effectual — more efficient,” said Hogsett. 

Even successful the mayor’s own neighborhood, helium says determination are recycling containers that person been sitting for a while.  

“Most every location successful my vicinity has the yellowish top, which means recycling and Republic and those trash cans person been retired successful the thoroughfare for immoderate clip now,” said Hogsett.

I-Team 8 has been combing the streets and alleys of Indianapolis each week, and we person recovered recycling bins overflowing and unattended from Meridian-Kessler to the adjacent northside. We person recovered trash cans overflowing and immoderate that look to person not been touched for weeks.  

Complaints to the metropolis person skyrocketed successful the archetypal 3 weeks of August. The metropolis and Department of Public Works person received much than 13,000 calls complaining about Republic. That’s six times the mean fig of complaints.

 Republic told I-Team 8 earlier this week that delays successful recycling and trash pickup are due to the fact that of a shortage of labor, proviso concatenation issues and a important summation successful trash.  

“At the extremity of the day, the trash has to beryllium picked up. Now we conscionable person to importune that Republic supply the benignant of work that residents of Indianapolis deserve and to the grade that they are incapable to bash so, we volition clasp them accountable,” said Hogsett.

 I-Team 8 obtained the city’s declaration with Republic to cod trash, leaves and recycling for astir fractional of the county. Public Works has confirmed the declaration is bully until 2025.  

The bureau and the politician said they whitethorn marque question monetary damages from Republic for missed collections. 

 I-Team 8’s Richard Essex asked the politician if Republic should connection rebates to consumers and the city. Hogsett responded that it would “be a bully concern determination for Republic to make” and “a liable one.” 

Republic has not yet responded to I-Team 8’s petition for comment. 

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